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  • Perfecto Deals
    Brand Identity

    Perfecto Deals is a start-up E-Commerce retail website with head office located in Atlanta, USA. They are looking to serve customers from both the USA and Canada to provide a different way of shopping online and providing 100% customer satisfaction. Featuring only handpicked specially curated products and offering superb customer support, Perfecto Deals builds trust with their audience.

    Originally the word Perfecto derives from a Spanish word which means perfect. We created a primary mark that portrays the universal symbol for perfection, a mark that is known to prove its point. While communicating with the client and undergoing the logo review, we both agreed this symbol was a fitting choice to represent the company’s value that also presents every sale as a perfect deal. The primary mark is strong and further emphasized by the even stronger use of a gradient that features a red and orange colour. 

    Choosing the right colours was a very important task for this project. We decided on a direction, the symbol, and enhanced the brand using a bright and vibrant colour palette that inspired movement, excitement, and passion. The brand system doesn't just look beautiful and clean, but define as passionate and exciting while creating a sense of urgency. Using the colour red, we defined the brand’s passion and other softer tones like orange help imply the brand's youthfulness and vitality. Minor adjustments were made to the original typeface used for the wordmark typography to bring out uniqueness while also apply perfection to it.

  • Credit​​​​​​​
    Art Direction and Graphic Design by: Broklin Onjei

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