The Masters of the Universe See 'n Say - Gallery 1988

  • Mattel Show - Gallery 1988

    I was invited to take part in the 2019 official Mattel art show. With a mighty group of artists making the team roster (curated by Luke Flowers), the task before me was clear. What toy to pick and how to make it unique? Quickly, I realized...

    Why pick just one subject? 

    And thus, the idea for the first ever Masters of the Universe See 'n Say was born. The following image was the inspiration.
  • Vintage See 'n Say from the 1980s
  • The rough sketches
  • The final piece on a woodcut
  • Half an inch thick
  • Separate dial to give the piece more depth
  • Archival print version
  • Thank you!

    Prints available here.