Web Design Case Study

  • NAS Insurance Website

    Insurance is not sexy. There I said it.

    But what if we could design a website, with the broker in mind, that was the equivalent of a cold beer on a hot day?

    This new website would be focused on visuals, a minimalist and responsive design, and a colorful UI. In short, we wanted to design a user experience that insurance pros are not used to. 

    Let me walk you through the important points of this web design.
  • Landing Page

    For the landing page, we wanted to call out everything that makes NAS insurance special in the specialty insurance industry: 

    1. NAS Online The online quoting platform that helps brokers quote and issue business without talking to an underwriter.

    2. Smarter.NASinsurance The interactive tutorial platform that helps brokers get educated on products they've never sold before. Always online 24/7.
  • Product Pages

    In the previous website, product pages served as a complete product fact sheet, but the problem with that approach was that pages were too informative. The clutter only helped to encourage the broker to click away.

    So, we broke down each product page into 3 sections: A product intro, the product team, and finally, a download section.

    Now, the UI was bold and colorful, with downloadable assets to help keep things clean and streamlined. Better yet, you could now easily quote that product through NAS Online (the online quoting platform) and get educated on the product through Smarter.NAS (the tutorial microsite). Everything right there on the product page.
  • By the People. For the People.

    Throughout this new website we wanted to do something insurance companies never do: Focus on the people. Our people. 

    We believed in human solutions and on this contact page you get a feel of how we wanted to highlight our sales team and let you know what they do and what city they do it in. We didn't want to be another faceless insurance company and we believed we'd best serve that initiative by featuring our actual people; always encouraging real human connection.
  • Thank you!

    Watch the 1 minute animated video I art directed here. It's got a dog in it. :)