Parlevel Systems, Inc. Product Photography

  • Product Photography
    Led the team in the process of capturing images of our products - offline or in the field, improving quality, and preparation for all published formats.

    Parlevel products are shot at visually interesting angles with simple contrast and clean light transitions. Products should be shot on white, light gray, or a Parlevel colored background depending on the task. With images avoiding harsh shadows and a dark backgrounds (except for teasers). An all encompassing view is the calling-card for the Parlevel brand.
  • Images of the Parlevel hardware product family. Kiosks, credit card readers, and a telemetric device.
  • (Before and After)
  • (Before and After)
  • Parlevel Online Store Product Images. Ranging from devices to individual components.
  • Employee Photo Restoration
    (Before and After)

  • Potential location market mockup
    (Before and After)
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