Series | Water

  • WATER (2019)

    "Often times, I stumble upon a Series of Work. Something catches my eye. I try to approach the Subject is various ways. In this case, the sunlight hit the water in such a way that I had a strong emotional response from it. That is what I love to capture: the emotional response.

    Water has a unique personality of its own because it is effected by its surrounding on a grand scale. I treat each capture as an individual with its own Personality.

    Each Person wants to be seen. And the person changes with every breeze of wind, every adjustment of natural light without moving from the same area of water.

    It fascinates me." -ecj
  • WATER, No.2 (2019)

    "The Shadows pull in Color & Light to consume them entirely." -ecj
  • WATER, No.3 (2019)

    "The rises and falls of water as sunlight takes over the shadows." -ecj
  • WATER, No.4 (2019)

    "The ebbs and flows of water fluctuates to create unique personalities." -ecj
  • WATER, No.5 (2019)

    "Giving Nature a chance to speak." -ecj
  • WATER, No.6 (2019)

    "Water has a personality of its own. The capture is effected by natural light and wind. Light and Shadows combined with the deep blue Color creates a mesmerizing scene." -ecj
  • WATER, No.7 (2019)

    "The wind has an abrupt effect on water in varying degrees. Capturing a unique instance was the goal." -ecj
  • WATER, No.8 (2019)

    "The water began to change. As if I was above a vast mountain range covered with ice." -ecj
  • WATER, No.9 (2019)

    "The rough surface of the water stems from the unpredictable gusts of wind." -ecj
  • WATER, No.10 (2019)

    "There seems to be conflict within water itself. One style trying to overtake the other. Yet, it blends together to create beauty." -ecj
  • WATER, No.11 (2019)

    "This has the feel of a cold stone wall emerging from the water. Perhaps, the water is being transformed into stone." -ecj
  • WATER, No.12 (2019)

    "The transformation continues from a flowing mass of water to a hardened slab of cold stone." -ecj
  • WATER, No.13 (2019)

    "A feeling. An emotion. Captured by the ebbs and flows of water. The perfect balance of Texture and Finesse combined with the chemistry of Light and Shadow." -ecj
  • WATER, No.14 (2019)

    "The Styles of the water seems to divide as they go their separate ways." -ecj
  • WATER, No.15 (2019)

    "As if mountains peaks are protruding from the water." -ecj
  • WATER, No.16 (2019)

    "A void emerges in the midst of water to pull everything into it." -ecj
  • WATER, No.17 (2019)

    "A blur. Color. Light. Shadow. Tossed in the wind. The final scene of this Series became a deconstruction of the first scene. The river is nearly unrecognizable as the water churns all the more. Yet, the marriage between Light, Shadow, and Color remain as strong as ever." -ecj