Apparel Collection FW18 / Arkadia1981

  • Arkadia1981
    C R E A T I V E  W E A R
    独 創 的 衣 服
  • Arkadia1981 is the creative playground of our design studio. We get to experiment and create fun wearables geared towards creative individuals (specifically graphic designers) many inspired by retro/future Miami.

    We released a small collection of wearables as a direct inspiration from of our recent trip to Japan.
    Advertised solely on Instagram and social media. Available for purchase November 20th - 23rd, 2018.

  • T H A N K  Y O U !


    Team — ACVDO Co.
    Location — Miami, Florida (USA)
    Sources — Clips: secilb1980 Sound: チェスマスター “I Don’t Want To Be Alone”​​​​​​​

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