PROJECT: AURORA CAFE COFFEE & TEA Brand identity and eco-friendly package design for two varieties of organic coffee and one variety of organic tea. 

    CONCERNS: Identity and packaging to stand out from the crowd for a 100% organic and sustainable product. It is essential the product visually conveys the companies commitment to the environment. 

    SOLUTION: This project was to create a brand identity and package design for an brand of earth friendly coffee and tea. With product shelves filled with organic coffees and teas using bags, it was important to set the brand apart with a minimal logo that utilized vibrant, natural colors. It seemed natural to focus on the "A" for Aurora, but I wanted to set it apart by exploring positive and negative space and organic, living elements that represent product. I wanted the typography to be bold enough to create the strong contrast, yet have a softness to it which is why I chose a font that is rounded. This type can easily support the bold color and easily be recognized as a letter, yet provide enough contrast for the plant to be recognized as a plant. With the word-mark and tagline used together it continues the slope of the "A", or they can be used independent of each other for a variety of applications.