Business as Usual

  • Architectural Visualization
    Dallas, TX
  • The Work below is from IBARRA CONSULTING ENGINEERS, INC.
  • Designed, Modeled, Lit, and added all Entourage and Amenities.
  • The Work below is from GREEN GRASS STUDIOS
  • Remodeled both buildings from sketchup models
  • Modeled/ textured Hotel and pools with precision depths at grade changes.
  • Modeled / Textured / Lit Room and Fitness equipment.
    Matched Background image according to site location and building height.
  • Modeled / textured / Lit room, short chairs on perimeter ofroom, game tables and chandeliers. Chairs at bar and drink glasses were placed into scene
  • Modeled /Textured / Lit room, furniture, and entourage, Placed drink glasses into scene
  • Modeled building just under watermark and Camera matched Granite Properties / Park 17 building into Aerial photo
  • Modeled / textured Deck and Lawn Placed furniture, tress, entourage etc. Including trees and cars in background.
  • Modeled / Textured balcony. Actual Balcony from previous Granite Model image above. PositionedCamera for camera matching.
  • Modeled / Textured / Lit Lobby foreground and Bank in background, Placedentourage furniture etc. into scene
  • Same building as below just opposite side. Remodeled based on Sketchup model    Modeled /Textured site, placed cars and trees into scene
  • Remodeled small pieces of the 2 large buildings in the backof the "Plaza" area. Remodeled entire building just to the right of those 2 large buildings. Camera matched / Color corrected entire image to original render and background phototo composite final image in photoshop, Placed cars in foreground
  • Same Remodeling as Two Arts Trammel Crow just a different angle on the buildings. Camera matched / Color corrected entire image to original render and background phototo composite final image in photoshop.
  • Modeled / Texturedbuilding and site
    Placed Trees and other entourage. Benches,Trashcans, Furniture interior and exterior of building.
  • Modeled / Textured the building and site in foreground and Street.
  • Modeled / Textured entire building and site off of CAD elevations and Site plans. Positioned Camera, used motion blur using on the cars.
  • Modified the original model by providing the following enhancements.
    Textured all the pavement styles in the park
    Textured the water, grass, stone and steps
    Modeled little gazebos, and tree grates, street and lighting poles
    Placed flowers, stones, tables, chairs, I used onyx and xfrog trees.
    Placed people in the park.Placed all the cars in the scene and used Vray motion blur.
  • The Work below is from MOHMENT LLC
  • Modeled / textured entire city of Abu Dhabi based on photoreference and site plan.
    Modeled/ textured green island based on design including highway structure extendingfrom island to other"mainland" islands. Modeled"ghosted" buildings on island Placed trees on island
  • Modeled / Textured / Lit and Placed all entourage, interior and exterior.
  • Modeled / textured / Lit based on in house design specsheets and CAD drawings. Placed all chairs and entourage etc.
  • Modeled / textured entire site
    Modeled / textured rental car facility with canopies near top of image.
    Modeled / textured foremost building of the 2 buildings that make up the circular plaza area.
    Modeled / textured all parking structures on upper far right
    Modeled / textured off-set roof structured building near center
    Placed all trees, cars and people
  •  Modeled / textured and assisted in Post work Lighting using Photoshop.