Naha.Okinawa 2018

    Eisa is one of Okinawa’s most important cultural dance. Accompanied by rhythmic drums, chanting and of course dancing, Eisa is usually performed during Obon Festival. Obon is a Japanese Buddihst holiday were they honor the spirits of their ancestors and believe their ancestors’ spirits return to this world to visit with their relatives. During Obon, lanterns hang in front of houses to help guide their ancestors’ spirits as well as food offerings are made at house alters and temples. Eisa is usually performed on the last day of Obon to bid the ancestors a farewell. Even though Eisa is mostly performed during Obon you can also experience Eisa dancers throughout the year like in the 10,000 Eisa Dancers Parade in Naha, Okinawa where they parade down Kokusai St. There you can experience traditional and newer versions of Eisa dances.