APRIL 2017

  • For the seventh month of my second year of EVRYDYS I experimented combining vectors created in Adobe Illustrator with photographic texture elements.

    After several months of a very hectic schedule, followed up with a few weeks of depressing job searching, I finally had time to get back to "real" software. I had recently built my first PC and was itching to start pushing myself more. I decided to start with Adobe Illustrator. My experience with the software was somewhat limited, and I had worked with it in the previous year for a couple months, so I knew there was a lot more to the program to start learning. I started exploring the blend tool and working with gradient fills and strokes. The experiments were built in Illustrator using only black and white, so that I could use those shapes as alpha channel information once I started pairing them with various textures in Photoshop.

    All images created with Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.      

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