Lollapalooza 2017

  • Credits:
    Client: C3 Presents
    Campaign: Lollapalooza 2017
    Event Operation:
    Lollapalooza Event Presentation: Daniel Gibbs & Wylie Earnhart, C3 Presents
    Event Vixi Social Display Producers: Tony Rago, Jessica Whitney
    Vixi Software developed by: The Famous Group, Culver City, CA, New York, NY
    Executive Creative Director: Greg Harvey
    Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
    Lead Developer: Sebastian Patric
    Art & Design: Alex Zambrano
    Producer: Kristin Mihara
    Developer: Martin Hristoforov
    Product Manager: Tony Rago

    Video shot by: Tony Rago, C3 Presents
    Video Produced and Edited by: Elliot Diviney and Tony Rago
    Shot on location in Chicago, IL