Spring 2018 Ai Scholarship Competition

  • spring 2018 Ai Scholarship Competition
    Yoshua Leisorek
    FND105 Design fundamentals
    Robert Delgadillo
    Bachelors graphic/web design

    For this assignment we were tasked to make a project based on Rain forest. I creating an illustration on black matte illustration digitally. I used the programs, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe illustration to create my rain forest illustrator. To create it, I also used a lot of variety of geometric shapes, and animals to be able to create continuity and harmony. I also included a lot of  repetition of the animals making them smaller and bigger so you will see a perspective of the animals, I also used  a lot of Alternative Rhythm, this will consists of successive patterns in which the same elements reappear in a regular order while I was designing it.