Donated hair for my Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Can I use donated hair for my Hair Transplant Surgery?
  • As a majority of hair loss/bald patients struggle to attain the cash required for an individual hair transplant surgery, a half of those are struggling with a limitation of insufficient hair “in the donor site”. Of course, many hair transplant surgeons have had to give “NO” as an answer to those with no or less donor hair in case they ask the surgeon to perform the procedure using donated hair.
  • Hair Donation & Hair Transplant surgeries

    We all know that modern medical expertise is faced with a few limitations and that is one main reason as to why bald patients ask their surgeons to use hair from a selected friend, mother, father, or a brother.

    We have seen many cases where one’s life is perfected after attaining a kidney transplant, a corneal transplant, a heart transplant or a liver transplant, and not forgetting a hand transplant and we ask why not hair?

    It is crucial to note after any form of transplant (organ transplant) he or she must take strong immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of his or her life. These drugs are intended to keep the body in line and control the body not to reject the transplanted organ. I guess you have heard of these cases of organ failure after a transplant is performed.

    In this case, a hair transplant in India or anywhere in the world using donated hair seems to be a minor surgery since hair is fixed on the scalp (outside the body) which shows no possibilities of complications.

    However, scientists don’t recommend donated hair for a hair transplant surgery as it also has numerous side effects on the recipient.

    The body has an immune system that detects and fights against any foreign body and that means that donated hair has the same effects as a donated kidney. More research is still being made about this, but the answer is still a NO as baldness isn’t a life-threatening issue.