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  • Touchwipe

    Touchwipe facecare is a new facial cleansing wipe and oil control face wash brand line under Adorlée Beauty Inc, a cosmetic and skincare company based in Vancouver, BC Canada - Eye Beauty Specialist, developing and marketing advanced bio-formulated skincare products that specifically focus on the eye area.

    With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, witnessing and learning through the success of numerous national brands, Adorlée Beauty Inc has acquired extensive expertise and knowledge in making the best skincare products within US and China. Adorlée Beauty Inc develop trending and innovative products to help consumers to save money and time on skincare product choices.

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  • Supermarket shelf packaging

    In October 2016, I was assigned a project by Adorlée Beauty Inc to come up with a brand name, design a logo and packaging for their new face care product with selective ingredients. The task was to design a packaging that stands out, unique and have a refreshing and clean look for marketing in their retail stores in the U.S.A. Additionally, packaging should be very self-explanatory and obvious of its functionality and selling point.

    With the impression of a new skincare product that will be crowded by millions of other different brands in a supermarket shelf, I designed an attractive packaging that will promote the product and capture the consumers' mind and emotion. The packaging will not only improve aesthetics and generates more reassurance that the product inside is of the highest standards and value, but also will steal competitor's market share. Images of each key ingredients and matching colours were used to bring the freshness that increases brand lift and increase shelf impact; likewise, the chosen brand name and logo present the product's value position.

  • Design & Art Direction: Broklin Onjei
    Project: Touchwipe Facecare Packaging

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