Therapeutic Art Class Part 1

  • Therapeutic Art Class Part 1
    Fine Arts

    How I Spent My Summer!
    Laying The Ground Work For The Future.
    Taking  Therapeutic Art Classes with Libby Seery, Therapeutic Art Councilor who uses these same techniques in her own practice. By taking these classes I will be prepared me to teach art and photography. Each assignment has medical, and artistic aspects to it. You learn about your emotional health, you learn art techniques, and you learn more about creativity as well. 
    The best part of this program is that each assignment is interpreted by each student in their own unique way and executed with their own twist on the assignment. 
    As a photographer, artist, and designer it is so freeing and has stretched my imagination, my creativity, while learning new artistic techniques. As well as accreditation with the CPD standards Agency, along with 10 hours of CPD credit.
    It has been a wonderful experience to learn beside such talented and passionate artists. As we share our life stories we learn many inspiring lessons as well. It has been such a positive uplifting experience to be able to share our art in such a positive environment. 
    Art Therapy Groups 
  • Section 1: Lecture 3
    Self Body State, PhotoShop version.

  • Section 1: Lecture 3
    Self Body State Using Water Colors
    Supplies: Water color paint, Art paper
    Painting intuitively and spontaneously with with water colors.
  • Section 1: Lecture 5 
    Zentangles, Free form.
    Supplies: Black Ink, pencil, white paper.
    Zentangles appear complicated, but are actually quite easy. Creating Zentangles is a simple process and a short cut to relaxation, or active meditation.
  • Section 1: Lecture 7
    Explore Deeper Emotions & Feelings.
    Titled: Eclipsed Sun / New Moon Rising
    As a photographer / artist / designer this is a great tool for emotional and artistic expression.
  • Section 1: Lecture 9
    Titled: Finding Balance
  • Section 1: Lecture 16
    Create a Color Wheel
    I incorporated my images into the color wheel with the corresponding matching colors. As a whole I believe it is a cohesive piece of art work as my shooting style has been a creative priority. I have images that are abstract, nature, landscapes, and architecture.
  • Section 1: Lecture 22
    "Every family is a kingdom"
    Create your own coat of arms.
  • Section 3: Lecture 45
    Create a Grateful Zendala
    Since I started my photography career as a Landscape Photographer I am very grateful for God's creative handiwork in nature.
  • Section 2: Lecture 28
    Doodle Art
    Achieve Mindfulness
    Doodles in Landscape form.
  • Section 2: Lecture 31
    Foster creativity & enjoyment of the artistic process.
    Fantasy Bird
  • Therapeutic Art & Self Expression
    Section 3: Lecture 33
    Create Your Own Super Hero
    I created a super hero that pertains to my unique ability to quickly, have my clients relax in front of my camera, be themselves in order to produce a memorable shooting session, technically creating unique, and beautiful portraits.
  • Section 3: Lecture 43
    Paint Your Emotions
    Summer Sunset in the Mountains By Christy Harrison
    Image used for inspiration painting.
  • Section 3: Lecture 43
    Paint Your Emotions.
    Title: "Summer Sunset Blues" 
    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Section 3: Lecture 49
    "My Good Well-Being Tea Pot"
    Practicing my drawing & water color techniques.
  • Section 3: Lecture 58
    Create Your Own Comic Strip
    Knowing my limitations as an artist I just found a comic strip I thought was funny and hand drew the scene. 
  • Section 3: Lecture 61
    "About Me Cube"
    Incorporated images from a few years ago. Landscapes, Architecture, and 911 Flag.
  • Section 3: Lecture 61
    "About Me Cube"
    Landscapes, Architecture, 911 Flag.
  • Section 4: Lecture 65
    Drawing with Pen & Ink
    Titled: "Ombre Oak Leaf"
  • Section 4: Lecture 64
    Drawing with Pen & Ink
    Inspiration Image By Christy Harrison "Ombre Oak Leaf"
  • Section 4: Lecture 65
    Still Life Painting
    Titled: "Leaf Study"
  • Section 4: Lecture 65
    Still Life in Studio
    Titled: "Leaf Study"
  • Section 4: Lecture 66
    Classic Still Life Drawing
    Titled: "Pear"
  • Section 2: Lecture 28 Part 2 Basic Level
    Scribbles to Cultivate Mindfulness
  • Section 2: Lecture 28 Part 2 Basic Level
    Scribbles to Cultivate Mindfulness
    Image used for Inspiration. Titled: "Liquid Flora" Photography by Christy Harrison