Redesign: Florida Drivers License

  • Redesign:
    Florida Drivers License

    The current Florida Drivers License design and layout could use some improvements. The design should not only highlight important areas, work better for text legibility, but also have a bit of The Sunshine State flair.

    I wondered if there was a way to make new Florida Drivers License layouts that worked a little better and gave more importance to certain parts of the license. The first is, “what’s the first thing you should see in an identification card / driver’s license?”

    Here are a few things I think are the most important when someone like a Police Officer, Banker, Bartender etc will look for in an I.D., sometimes, in different order.

    • Photo of Person
    • ID/Lic. Number
    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Expiration

    Not that the other information isn’t important, but these, in my experience, take priority. So the card should be laid out in a way that these sections are easier to spot at a quick glance.

    Note: To keep things simple, I focused solely on layout of one side of the license. I omitted some security features, extra symbols, some information and different types of identification cards that will roll out in the new Florida License coming out late 2017.

    1. License Layout

    The first thing I needed to do was see how the current license is put together and look for opportunities to improve it. I made a quick grid and wire-framed the layout to see where everything stands as of mid 2017.

  • Current Layout

  • Layout Improvement Opportunites

  • 2. Creative Exploration

    After exploring various approaches, I settled on 8 different layouts. Some share similarities, while others their own design styles. The trickiest part was the copy/text size. The point size had to be big enough for anyone to read and small enough to allow room for it to breathe. 

    Below are the 8 concepts:

  • Thanks for following along!