Positive Bunny (part I)

  • Positive + Bunny (Part I)
    "Hi, I'm a bunny who spreads positive vibes!"

    Positive Bunny is a character I created as an outlet to explore art in whatever style and medium I wanted. This is a project unrestricted by boundaries I've set for myself after graduating art school and working as a professional illustrator. As I tackled an increase in freelance work, I struggled to find that same excitement and passion for art I had as a child.... and so Positive Bunny was born!

    I recently launched an instagram (@_positivebunny) where I (try to) post regularly. It's kind of like a sketchbook project, I just create whatever is on my mind and eventually hope to develop a brand around this character (with handmade products such as plushies, vinyl figures, ceramic pieces, apparel, accessories, etc).

    Enjoy! ​​​​​​​
  • Some pattern design to be printed on fabric or used as website background.
  • Who doesn't like a big warm bowl of delicious ramen?!
  • Home is where the carrots are.
  • You've got a friend in me ~
  • Positive Bunny peeps
  • Hand sculpted wood figure I commissioned from the incredibly talented Peretopia 
  • My attempt at sewing. One of those things I've always wanted to learn but never found the time for. 
  • Inspired by old school favorites (Keane- Somewhere only we know).
  • Close up
  • First steps to improving your quality of life. 
  • Website coming soon. Follow PB on instagram for more updates!
  • Thanks for viewing!