NIFTY Electronics

  • Client.
    Nifty Electronics

    Nifty Brand Package


    Packaging: Nosh Studip
    Photography: Various
    Video: Andy Ryan Flores / Never Sleep Brand

    Brand Development
    Creative Direction
    Editorial/Layout Design
    Merch Design
    Packaging Direction
    Print Design

    Project Notes.
    We love doing work for local start-ups and NIFTY Electronics was no exception. In late 2015, we were tasked to brand one of the most impressive tech products to hit the industry, a small and powerful mobile charger. Along with rolling out various print, digital marketing materials and campaign strategies, we had to, cohesively, build a brand that reflected the product’s innovation, style and technology.

    As one of the most powerful contenders in the mobile charging industry, the NIFTY project was an exciting opportunity to really get creative with the marketing materials and online campaigns.

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    We are a design haus based in Miami, Florida led by Angel A. Acevedo and Karielys Cruz with a range of multi-disciplinary skills ranging from branding to marketing in both print and digital. We are a team of passionate folk with a network of colleagues and friends in various industries at our disposal. We love what we do and consider ourselves fortunate to live out our dreams. Our 15+ years of experience has rendered us knowledge to varying facets of our industry, especially to the significance our work has on business success.

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