• Brand Idea
    We needed to find a name that spoke to both the soap’s incredible quality and the water initiatives the company empowers in developing countries. One such country is Rwanda, where the Kinyarwanda word for water is amazi. Seeing the obvious play on the word amazing, we came up with the brand new and tagline: Amazi — together we can do amazing things.

    Creative Branding
    Amazi makes beautiful, sustainable and all-natural soap, so we wanted the creative to reflect that. We chose a clean, speckled paper tone to use throughout that evokes a handmade feel. That, combined with the light spa-like blues and subtle wave pattern, aids in showing the cleanliness and lets the product speak for itself.

    Package Design
    This amazing soap is immaculate, and we wanted the package to keep the product secure while allowing it to show all the glory of the soap. We accomplished this with a custom die-cut window that incorporates a wave to symbolize water and flow. Each scent was also given a little more personality with a color complementary to the soap and a handmade illustration of the scent itself. The most sustainable thing about this package? It’s made with all-natural paper, and the matchbox design allows you to use it as a soap dish! Each matchbox also has a hidden message and call to action under each soap in the matchbox tray.