Drawing artwork | Sketches

  • Pictures That Won’t Cease

    In this album, I tried to make 
    the viewers acquainted with the artistic nuance of drawing from nature.

  • Schille
    Cellulose paper, pencil, pastel, ink, varnish

  • Process

    I drew this in a live stream over the course of an hour. I allowed viewers to post their own compositions during the stream as an experiment, 
    but ultimately decided to upload a shorter version without viewer tracks. This makes sense because 14 copyrights were violated during the stream, haha

  • Eleonora Duse

  • Drink & Draw Style

    The following pictures are the result of me using the Collison technique for drawing from nature, both individual and group. Drink & Draw was born in Brooklyn in 2009, with Adam Collison as the author of the technique. The first half of the session is quick sketches: each sketch is 5, 10, 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10 minutes each. The next half is simpler, with 20 minutes for each pose.

  • Laocoön's head

  • Here’s how group sessions look. 
    The photo shows a break between two parts of the session.

  • Sketches. I tried using various styles and tools.

  • Personal nature drawing

    I personally like quick changes between 
    various models, but the next thing on my mind is intensive drawing with one single model using the Collison style approach.

  • A series of portraits

  • The sketch for the painting
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