We Bare Bear - 3D Animation (Final Semester Project)

  • 3D modeling + Animation: Dương Hồng Yến - Đỗ Vân Quỳnh - Lê Tùng Thiện 
    Lighting + Material + Camera: Nguyễn Đình Hiệp Hưng 
    Post processing + Animation + Sound: Trần Quang Ái

  • A short film of our team for the Final Semester Project. Based on "We Bare Bear" series.

  • We spent 2 months for this project and here's a quick look at the most beautiful images that we've done in this project
  • Based on a television series We bare bear. We create 3D versions of their ultra-cute =))

  • 3D short film makes by Lầy Team:

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