Mix Master Mike's Magma Chamber 360VR

  • Award Winning 360VR Experience
    Muse Awards - Gold for Experimental Video
    Vega Awards - Platinum for Most Innovative Experiment

    Vega Awards - Gold Best use of VFX / Motion Graphics

    Magma Chamber VR is a 360 VR + Live DJ Experience like no other. After the hit release full length album Magma Chamber, from Mix Master Mike, Mike wanted to take the album to the next level and combined his audio arsenal with the visual onslaught that VR Compositor / CG Artist Jonathan Winbush, Dp / Videographer Robert Buchanan and Concept / CG Artist and Sound Designer Tony Washington would bring to the table, to create a truly unique VR and Music experience. The additional Creepy Radio Edit from Sound Designer Mike Daly sets the mood and Lisa Jennings and Sharla Knight welcome you to the chambers depths!
    "Magma Chamber is a terrifyingly fun and eerily addictive visual experience. I love seeing how far creative teams can push the limits with virtual reality"
    --Spencer Knuttila, Red Giant

    "Magma Chamber shows perfectly how the greatest creativity can be unleashed with Virtual Reality"
    --Vicky Wang, Global Community Manager, VeeR VR

    "Mix Master Mike's Magma Chamber VR is a 360 Virtual Reality and live DJ experience like no other”
    - Daniel Travers, iHeartRadio Jam’N95.7

    "The Magma Chamber piece is amazing.”
    - Jonas Hudson, 360 AdSpots / VR Society
  • [ in order ] Jonathan Winbush, Mix Master Mike and Tony Washington at Paramount Studios showcasing the Magma Chamber 360VR experience.
  • The Magma Chamber 360 VR experience featured at the AMD and Mettle booths at Adobe MAX 2016