TVC PlayStartion VR - Project SEM3 in school

  • Don’t just play. Live the game!
    From the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4, you’ll
    experience games in an entirely new way. You’ll be at the centre of the action, living every detail of extraordinary
    new worlds – and you’ll feel like you’re actually inside the game.
  • -----------------------------
    TVC created by Lầy Team:
    Here is a small assignments ended our semester in our school. In just 4 weeks, we do everything from concept, 3D modeling, to write the script for a movie ad. TVC advertising is a less professional. We making with all love. Hope you like it!
    Directing & Effect: Ái Quang Trần
    Lighting & Animation: Nguyễn Đình Hiệp Hưng
    Modeling: Đỗ Hami & Dương Yến
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