Herman Miller // Nika Stool

  • The task set by Herman Miller was to design a personal and enriching piece of furniture that would be utilised by rural school children, many of whom travel great distances to school every day. They are not guaranteed a seat in their classroom which means that they usually end up sitting on the floor.

    These children move in and out of their classrooms often to be educated outdoors because of the severe heat indoors. The piece of furniture had to be adaptable and had to be capable of withstanding amplified weather conditions. A lot of time was spent researching into cultural backgrounds, heritage and lifestyle, accurately documenting a day in the life of the child we were designing for.

    I approached this task with a mindset to ensure that every child would have their own seat.

  • The Nika Stool's design is lightweight, portable, weatherproof and durable. By combining the properties of a hardshell plastic case with repurposed wooden legs to make a rigid framework, the satchel can be utilised as a seat or a work surface. 
  • Recycled HDPE  - Concertina Polyester Fabric - Repurposed Timber - Rubber Sleeve Feet
    Case Dimensions: 380 x 270 x 75mm
    Leg Dimensions: 350 x 250 x 15mm
    True Height: 390mm