• Concept photo
  • Inspiration (also cover photo)
  • Layout
  • First sketches: floor plan and wine rack
  • Light House Hotel Wine Walk
  • Wine bar floor plan, Front elevation, Side elevation, Back elevation
  • Progress of Wine bar in sketch up - WEEK 3
  • WEEK 4 Progress on the wine bar
    Front view
  • WEEK 4 progress
    Side view with garage door
  • WEEK 4 progress top veiw
  • Updated CAD plan- Garage door moved to the side of building- extra bar seating
  • Half way progress
    Front elevation
  • Perspective from above:
    Bar stools built, as well as wine barrels and bottels and glasses
  • Better shot of the wine barrel, bottle and glass
  • Perspective from above looking at the garage door
    Extra bar seating outside
  • Wine rack With bottels layerd dark to light
  • All 5 wineries are now in the model
  • Product added in with color
  • Front elevation of the wineries