Beauty of the Zodiacs App

  • Log In, Sign Up, and Home Screens
    After opening the app, users are able to decide whether they want to create a new account or log into an account. They can also connect through Facebook. Once logged in or signed up users are taken to a home screen with an image of their sign. The middle button has all of the information about their sign.
  • Sign Information Screens
    Once the center button is selected the personal information is displayed. When a category is selected users are directed to the information. When the "Signs" tab is selected users can view the information about the other signs. They signs are divided by their elements.
  • Zodicam Screens
    The Zodicam is used to take photos to share on other apps. Users can add filters or stickers to their photos. Once edited, users are able to share their photos on other apps such as Facebook and Instagram or just save their photos to their phone libraries.