• Concept
    Starstruck is a competitive music app that allows users to sing against and with others. Each user has their own star level. They range from Novice to Legend. Novice users can only use the “Compete” tab. Superstar users unlock the “Record” tab and Legends unlock the “Judge” tab.
  • Log In, Sign Up, and Home Screens
    After the start up page is finished loading, users will then be able to log in to the app or create an account. Once logged in, users can easily choose a song to sing.
  • Setup and Competitor Screens
    Once a song is selected users are given the option to just sing or record a music video. Once decided the user is able to invite a friend to compete against them. Each user has a 10 second voice preview clip on their profile so other users can hear a voice sample before competing with or against them. Users also have the option to compete with a random person who chose the same song.
  • Loading and Game Screens
    Once a competitor is chosen, the game begins. Violet words are sang together, the pink words are sang individually by the user, and the blue words are sang individually by their opponent. Users can team up together to sing against people in duets. They can also record videos where they see themselves and their opponents while singing.
  • Canceling, Recording, and Judging Screens
    Users loose coins when they forfeit a round. But gain coins when they win. They can also gain coins when their opponent forfeits. When a user records they are able to sing over an instrumental however they please. When users judge they are given 9 stars that they cannot distribute evenly.
  • User Profiles
    User profiles display their voice previews, wins, loses, followers, followings, star levels, and additional information. They also contain their profile and cover photos.