LORE App and Website Design

  • Concept
    LORE is a high end fashion company for women of all shapes and sizes. The goal was to create an effective and user-friendly interface for the company. I decided to use silver and violet to portray mystery and class which are the colors I used for their stationery and collateral project.
  • Home Page and Log In
    On the home page users are able to conveniently view current offers and trends from the company. Once someone clicks the log in button they are directed to the log in page where they have the option to log in or create an account.
  • On Sale and Nightlife Pages
    The "On Sale" page displays the items that are on sale with an easy to use image slider. The "Nightlife" page neatly displays item information for a smooth experience. The "Formal" and "Casual" pages are the same.
  • Item Information and Shopping Bag Pages
    Once an item is selected the user is brought to the item information page and is able to decide a color and a size before purchasing. The shopping bag page neatly displays the users final shopping information.
  • App Log In and Home Screens
    Once the app is opened, users have choice to log in or sign up with the app or with their Facebook accounts. The home page displays images from the companies current campaign. When the menu tab is selected the additional page tabs are displayed.
  • Item Information and Shopping Cart
    Once navigated to the proper location users are able to view items. Once an item is selected the item information is displayed. When the shopping bag is selected the user is directed to the page and is able to complete their purchase.