• #aNOTE2Self
    The ANote2Self meditation journals were created with self-care, healing and emotional evolution in mind.  Author, Alex Elle, wanted to give journalers an outlet where they could not only feel safe but be open and honest with their healing process, on paper. #ANote2Self came to fruition in 2013 during the writing of the author's first book, "Words from a Wanderer." The hashtag made its debut to promote positive self-affirmations and to encourage others, writers or not, to take part in being kind to themselves. Years later, this movement has attracted thousands of people worldwide. 
    Fast forward to today, Alex Elle created this meditation journal to continue the reaffirming self-to-self conversations. Every day journalers will set their intentions, answer a thought-provoking question and write a daily note to self. If used in conjunction with the moon, each daily entry will sync with the lunar phases. Each lunar phase and its corresponding month are in the appendix section of each journal. Throughout a year (or both volumes) journalers will have reflected on their evolution and taken the steps to invest in their meditation practice for self-care.