Adventures with Photos

  • Deep Sea Diver
  • This is an image of my husband when he was a deep sea diver in the Gulf of Mexico. The original image has him standing on the deck of the boat about to dive. I used Photoshop to combine three images here into this really cool underwater scene.
  • Bobber in the Water
  • Here is a picture I took on a fishing trip on Foy's Lake in Montana. I loved how the bobber was bouncing on the water and the strong contrast bewteen it and the water. 
  • Hidden Waterfall
  • My husband and I went on a hike when we first moved to Montana and found this waterfall hidden off the trail. I took a ton of pictures but this one had such beautiful lines and movement I had to share. 
  • On a trip to the California coast, I captured this picture of a woman watching the waves. 
  • A seagulls take off.