GADA 205 Concept Design - Across the Veil

  • Creature silhouettes
  • Va-Ren in the beginning. As the game progresses and she meets other dragons, they will bestow on her one of their own feathers, allowing her wings to grow larger.
  • Va-Ren at the end
  • I wanted to design a level filled with glaciers and I thought they would appear more menacing if they appeared as frozen waves. This also leaves the option of pieces breaking off and posing a threat to Va-Ren.
  • This is the first design of the dragon who resides in the glacial region. When Va-Ren reaches him, he will bestow upon her one of his feathers and it will add on to her own wings. He is meant to look as if his scales took on a similar appearance to the galciers around him.
  • This is a cave level meant to appear as if it had once been underwater and the bioluminescent plants and rock formations are inspired by¬†phosphorescent plankton.
  • In the cave region, Va-Ren will come across these angler fish like fox creatures. They can be either friend or foe depending on how Va-Ren interacts with the environment.