ID2235 Lighting Design

    Cooper Lighting Design Solution

    In response to the annual Cooper Lighting SOURCE Awards, a national lighting design competition open to eligible students and professionals, this 2013 lighting design solution blends aesthetics and technical performance to meet project constraints and design concept goals for proposed mock client,
    the National Geographic Society (NGS).
  • 1.  Lighting Plan with Switching and Control Loops
  • 2.  Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)
  • 3.  Original Floor Plan
  • 4.  Cooper Lighting (Inspiration Images)
    1. Corelite™ JAYLUM (Suspended)
    2. Corelite™ JAYLUM (Wall Mount)
    3. NEO-RAY™ (Pendant)
  • 5.  Cooper Lighting (Luminaire Selections)