Zombie PogoGo!

  • December 2014
    Project Length: 2 days
    Software Used: Unity 4.6, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator
    Lanuage Used: C#
    Platform: Browser
    Team: Ashley Godbold (solo project-with creative input from a team)
    I created this game so that I could demonstrate the process of its development and the new UI features of Unity 4.6 during a two-day workshop presented by Glitch.mn. 
    Creative input and project management was provided by Evva Kraikul,Nicolaas VanMeerten, and Matthew Gravelle. Tim Turi wrote a narrative to hype the game and presented it at the beginning of the workshop. The narrative can be found under the playable game.
    My role: I created all features of the playable game except the 3D character models and animations. However, I modeled the pogo and created the zombie pogoing animations. Lastly, I came up with the title. The 3D models were purchased from bitgem3d.com.
    And endless "runner" with a zombie...on a pogo.