• I was honored to be part of a great collaboration with the Weekly Writing Workshop. The goal is to illustrate a student's work, Diego (Grade 6) and get inspired by their stories/poem and turn it into a fun art piece! All of the other stories can also be found in 3W Anthology, Volume 1. 
    I was inspired by Diego's piece, I created more illustrations.
    Also I attached Diego's pieces below:
    Donut Poem 

    Donuts so round, so round like Saturn’s ring,
    All in different flavors, 
    Chocolate, sprinkles, glazed, 
    And everyone knows what 
    goes for breakfast
    Donuts, donuts, and donuts 
    Children, Adults, Elders
    can enjoy a donut 
    at work, at school, 
    or at your house
    but just enjoy 
    the best
    thing in the 
    world donuts 

    Donut’s Perspective 

    Everyone loves me with the adults buying donuts to go with their coffee, but everyone doesn’t know what happens when humans eat you. Every time my brothers and sisters always get chosen because of their colored sprinkles, but I’m just a plain donut and I’m waiting for someone to eat me up. Where I live is in Dunkin Donuts the most weirdest place on the planet because it’s pretty strange. 

    The manager’s name is Bob and he’s always going to the restroom every hour. When no one is looking he will always eat strawberry donuts, but why not chocolate? Anyway I will always be alone, but at least I will always be with my best friend, expired milk. Then I just looked at the door and there was a lady who was talking to the cashier, and then I saw the cashier’s big hand picking me up and put me in a bag. 

    “This is it,” I whispered to myself. When I got to a strange smelly and dirty thing and it had a motor. The woman got me and said, “You are all mine.” I knew I was in trouble, but it was too late.
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