Oppression and Violence Against Women Illustration #2

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    This is an illustration that was part of a larger project, the fieldwork assignment and presentation for the client's Doctorate Degree in Psychology. This was to help represent his research from his one-on-one interviews with 16 men, from different generations, residing in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon, and their viewpoints toward the oppression and violence against Lebanese women. There's a second illustration from the viewpoint of women, which can be seen here: Oppression and Violence Against Women Illustration #1. The client is very passionate about this topic and had a lot of input on the illustration as well as had me reference pieces from a couple of different artists, but still allowed me the creative freedom on conceptual elements and design. The size of the piece was to be large enough to present to a room of people and ended up being 74in x 48in. Includes header which we decided to make part of the illustration, while still matching second poster below.  

    Client: Maysar Sarieddine
  • // Sketching //
  • // Header //
    (needed to match second poster)
  • // Vector Linework //
  • // Anchors //
  • // Final Artwork //
  • // Conclusion on Topic //
    "The family is a gilded cage – protection and prison, security and bondage."
  • // Second Poster //
    (Created by another designer)

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