ID4413 Senior Design Studio | Healthcare

    Physical Therapy and Wellness Center
    This group project focuses on the programming and design development of a healthcare facility and secondary retail space. The client is comprised of a team of physical therapists and mind-and-body wellness practitioners who have come together and formed a unique approach to physical therapy and treatment. These individuals provide collective expertise in methods ranging from weightless antigravity and aquatic treatments, to flexibility and dexterity through sand and yoga.
    A fundamental return to essential wellness through an integrated multisensory experience where treatment and communication are transparent.
  • 1.  Floor Plan (Team Collaboration)
  • 2.  West Interior Elevation | Sand Therapy and Mock Anti-Gravity Treadmill (Student Focus Area)
  • 3.  Perspective Render | Sand Therapy Area and Main PT (Student Focus Area)
  • 4.  Perspective Render | Main PT Platform Mats and Surrounding Walking Track (Student Focus Area)
  • 5.  Perspective Render | Anti-Gravity Treadmill Area (Student Focus Area)
  • 6.  Perspective Render | Main PT Walking Track and Exercise Equipment (Student Focus Area)