TireD Chair Design

  • TireD Chair
    Design Concept
  • I created the idea for this chair as an entry into a furniture design contest at my school--The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. The idea is to create an original furniture piece using discarded objects or trash. So I have plans for some old tires, bookshelf, and desk--which would otherwise be thrown away!

    This chair plays with the idea of reusing old tires andpieces of wood from an old desk and bookshelf. The design starts with a tieredeffect for the seat, alternating rugged black rubber tires and smooth glossywood shelves. The seat back is actually the vertical wood plank from a tallbookshelf, attached to the seating with large metal bolts, which are also usedto attach other chair components. For comfort, the design calls for the reuseof old seat cushions on the top seat plank and the seat back. The chairutilizes the concept of textural and color contrast--as well as the contrast ofa large round horizontal bottom with a tall narrow seat backā€”to create a pieceof furniture which is both industrial and almost futuristic in design.