INTA352 Hospitality Design

    Boutique hotel and restaurant design located in Hamburg, Germany.
    A team-based design presentation with focus on hospitality interior elements and functions.
    Interior Design Team
    Ronald Smith Jr. (Boutique Hotel Design)
    Amanda M. Vargas (Digital Boards and Restaurant Design) *Autodesk Revit and Adobe Photoshop
    Culinary Arts Team
    Mayra Sibrian
    A.J. Rogelio
  • 1.  Digital Boards (Adobe InDesign)
  • 3.  Restaurant Model
  • 4.  Fresco Wall 01*
  • 5.  Fresco Wall 02 and Display Kitchen*
  • 6.  Family Dining (2-Top, 4-Top, and Booth Seating)*
  • 7.  Entertainment Stage*
  • 8.  Furniture and Material Selections