• Self-Branding Redesign
    BFA Graphic Design, Senior Capstone Thesis 
  • The project I selected to be revamped, was my personal identity. For the longest time I have had a series of graphics that were intended to look abstract, but wound up looking more of a “cowboy and indian” theme. When it's all said and done, I do not see this concept as my final set.
  • Inspiration
    Considering my old identity was just a “place-holder” I decided to totally redesigned a style that would be visually stronger, more adaptable, even more trendy. This new idea came to me as a graphic or symbol, rather than a typographic monogram. My inspiration derived from the glasses I commonly wear, combined with my quirkey behavior, but still representing my design abilities.
  • Compared to all uppercase “BG” ideas, I looked around for anything with a lowercase “bg”, but I discovered that most ideas were overdone, or could have been executed better. For the one’s that did happen to catch my attention or inspire me, I looked on their websites, their product lines, if they are presented on any documents, etc. My idea has to differ from all examples, but I did enjoy searching for how others managed to create successful "bg" arrangements.
  • First Round Ideas
  • Second Round Ideas
  • Final Design
  • Construction & Flexibility