• Color Wheel
  • Original picture
    Link to picture:
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  • My edited work
    I need to make a color wheel. I used this pic that I got from a song on youtude.
  • I need to make a color wheel. I used this pic that I got from a song on youtude.
  • Ugly Bubbys
  • Ugly Bubbys
    it was a lot of fun drawing and coloring my Ugly Bubbys because I never color my drawing. so this was new for me coloring my work.
  • Red+Yellow=?
    I was looking around class and saw a yin and yang logo
  • Blue+Yellow=?
    Random puff balls
  • Blue+Red=?
    I don't like fish but, It was still fun make them
  • These Guy a Bros for Life #BBF
  • Bro love is forever
  • B.O.M.B Logo
  • I need make a logo then put it on different types of backgrounds
  • Complimentary
  • Analogous
  • Monochromatic
  • Cereal Box
  • This is the back of my cereal box.
  • This is my cut-out toy
  • Redo Work
  • This is some redo work I did because I was not happy with my work before.
  • I redid this so it can look and feel more like a real Cereal Box
  • Scarf
  • Need to make one scarf and make it different colors. Also it need to have the theme of San Diego.  I picket what is San Diego to me and I broke it down into four parts. The first one are the books because it stands for school and learning. I have been going to San Diego area schools ever since I first started going to preSchool. The second one are the people next to each of other because they stand for family. Mostly all of my family are living in San Diego. There have been a lot hard time but, when it happens we stand together as one and face it. The third one is the key because it stands for San Diego and the people there opening doors for me. There are a lot of people I can talk about for this part but , I am just going to talk about 3. The first Two are my mom and Dad, they open doors for me by showing me the path to take in life. The next one is one of my old teachers from high school and I also see him as a friend, his name is Mr.Sheehan. He help me find out what I wanted to do after high school and pushed me to make it happen. thanks to him I did thank you Mr.Sheehan. The last one are the lines of light because it stands for something way different from the of one the light it stands for when it comes down to it San Diego know how to party but, thats after a lot of hard work.

    I wanted to keep all the colors in the theme of San Deigo/ California colors and Also one form were my famliy comes from.
    1.California flag colors not including the white
    2.SDSU Aztecs colors
    3. State colors
    4.La Bandera de México-The Flag of Mexico color

  • Redo Work II
  • Original picture
    Link to picture:
  • My edited work
  • I just wanted to give thank's to my Instructor Sarah Hatinen for a fun and great class.