Philadelphia Through My iPhone

  • These photos are precious to me.
    Over the past four years I have commuted to Philadelphia for college as well as to explore. These photos have been taken on only my iPhone. Now, before you go into the debate of "using an iPhone isn't considered photography", let me explain why I made this album of just iPhone photos. Commuting an hour to the city every week is difficult in itself. Lugging my heavy Nikon 8800 every day would be risky and annoying. Luckily, I have an iPhone. And the iPhone's camera is pretty great, especially if you're constantly on the go like I am. What I love about these photos is that they were taken quickly, but will remind me forever of this beautiful city. I have a lot of memorie here. I have spent many seasons walking these streets, rushing to class or a meeting. These aren't just iPhone photos, they're a snapshot of the beauty I was able to witness in Philadelphia. It's a city full of history and design. It's a city I hope launches my career in Graphic Design.