Every Moment Counts

  • Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill is always in need of volunteers to help with events, daily care, and interacting with the residents. The problem was they barely had any collateral or a website. I've volunteered over 100 hours at DHCI, so I saw first-hand how the residents need more volunteers to just talk to them or play board games. I sought out to create a volunteer campaign in order to get more people to interact with the residents. Initially I was going to call this campaign MEND (Mending lives through communication and care), but I decided on calling it Every Moment Counts. Every moment of your time counts to someone at DHCI. Through communication you are connecting hearts, minds, and lives. Instead of the residents staring at the television all day, they should be talking to another person and having a friend. It has been proven by studies that communication with residents in nursing homes increases their wellbeing and prevents them from dying of loneliness (yes, that's a real thing). 
    For this campaign, I created a tri-fold brochure, buttons for volunteers that volunteer a certain amount of hours, a logo, website, facebook page, square flyer, event flyer, and t-shirt.