• Typothesis presented by Kyle Davila
    This is my final project in my typography minor at The Art Institute of Phoenix.
    Typography should be experimental and creative, the whole point is to attract the demographic and hold their attention. I will attempt to address this with my project by creating typography using alternative materials not normally used in typography.
    Desert Dentistry is a family friendly dentist. Robert Smith has been the head dentist and owned the practice for nearly 25 years. His focus is to help the kids build a daily ritual with oral hygiene. While he does maintain older clientele he is mainly known for his patience and funny personality with the younger demographic.
    General Dentistry, Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth, and a lot more.
    Marketing Goal
    The marketing goal is simple, cleaner teeth, less cavities and other extreme dental work. Desert Dentistry wants to create a daily system that works for each individual.
    The main demographic is kids age (9 - 11) male and female. They come from middle to upper class families, geographic location is primarily suburbs. The second demographic would be targeting the parents of the main demographic. Example: Joshua is a normal 9 year old kid who loves hanging out with his friends and playing video games. Like most kids Joshua hates eating healthy and would life off Koolaid and chocolate bars if he could. Joshua knows little to nothing about the dangers of avoiding cleaning his teeth with the proper daily routine. Even though his mom hassles him daily to brush and floss he is not interested at all.
    The state of general oral hygiene in the United States is at an all time low. The problem is that nobody has a daily routine down, they either don’t care or claim to be busy to take the time everyday. The general mass of people as well as the parents of the main demographic are not aware of the harsh and serious dangers that are present when they avoid good hygiene.
    The solution is to catch people when they are young. I will create a two-ad series, one ad targeted at “Flossing” and the other targeted at “Brushing”. These ads will be compelling enough to catch the eye of the target demographic and contain important information about the serious dangers when you fail to take care of your oral health. These ads will be compelled of normal dentistry tools, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, toothpicks, gloves, masks, etc. These ads can be in magazines, bus stops, and more importantly, within dentist offices. This type of ad will attract the younger demographic verses the regular wordy boring posters/ads that explain these dangers now. The way these ads work is by having eye catching typography with the materials above and stopping the demographic to read. The vocabulary on the poster should also reflect the demographic, nothing too big or scientific. They need to be able to quickly understand the information.
  • Floss Poster Thumbnails
  • Brushin Poster Thumbnails
  • Testing Materials
  • Floss Poster Attempt #1
    There was a problem with the white on white action of the board and the paper, I was originally planning on the floss being colored, only to find out it was white. The letter F is poorly photoshoped because I knew the method of just sticking them through the foamcore wasn't sturdy enough and I needed to find a new solution.
  • Floss Poster Attempt #2
    After the color problem experienced in poster 1, I decided that I would try and make the poster the color/texture of mouth gums. The letters are cut out of foamcore so they are raised and have an almost tooth like look to them. Feedback suggests this was to scary looking.
  • Floss Poster Attempt #3 ( Final for now)
    This one is close to the final I just need to make some minor adjustments and clean up the foamcore letter edges.
  • Brushing Poster Attempt #1
    For the most part this one was looking good on attempt 1, it felt a little boring and plain and thought it wouldn't appeal to the demographic.
  • Brushing Poster Attempt #2
    This one is basically final, again, minus a few adjustments. I decided I needed to change the background color of the body text and use that toothpaste texture I created earlier in the process for hierarchy purposes.
    The body copy for both final posters needs to be rewritten.
  • When I started this project my ultimate end goal was to have a unique poster with an innovative approach to a typical problem. When it was all said and done I learned a lot of interesting lessons. These lessons ranged from how to improvise with materials when they don’t work the first time, to shooting enough photos to work with, to the process of editing the photos with computer software.
    Overall, the experience was a true test of my patience as well as proof to myself that I can complete projects I know very little about.
    Thank you for checking out my project, if you enjoyed it, please appreciate it below!