HasToBeMore.com Campaign

  • HasToBeMore.com Campaign
    How to make mystery launch a successful campaign

    In the communications department at Newsong Church, we were tasked with bringing attention to an upcoming new series, which would launch Easter Sunday.

    We had a very small budget so we decided the Art Direction would be shrouded in mystery. The series itself would shed light on the life of excess, and consumerism of  American society. How we try to fill the holes in our lives with things that don't really matter. A special website was created for just this event: hastobemore.com

    I set off to create a campaign that would focus on images dealing with the topics the series would be touching upon. The provocative images, coupled only with the url and a date, would ensure a level of mystery that was sure to intrigue potential visitors. We gave away t-shirts at the University of Irvine with the url graphic printed across the chest and didn't explain what it was about. Visitors to the site were invited to services Easter weekend in a very "non-churchy" way. Below are the graphics, which also became handouts, of the series Art Direction.

    The campaign successfully filled seats to capacity that weekend, and a rise in attendance was followed during that quarter.