Zomick's Blueberry Vanilla Cake

  • Nice tender blueberry cake, made by an original Zomick's bakery recipe. Great to take along to a picnic or to serve to your guests, this cake is ideal for every occasion. Add a sweet finish to any meal with this delicious blueberry cake, or try another recipe from Zomick's. Enjoy it plain, or top each serving with lightly sweetened whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.
  • Zomick’s is the kosher bakery that has the best baking products in New York. All the products come with a passing kosher mark, meaning they are better than regular baked products, and that can be consumed by many religious followers with strict food diets. Zomick’s kosher bakery has two restaurants, of which one is located in Cedarhurst and other in Indwood.