• This desert mix is going to be one of our last projects. We are going to make a pause in the meantime, so all of you can enjoy these delicious and beautiful deserts. 

    Again, like yesterday and the day before that, we are going gradually.

    Today starting with white, the white cake goes to sweet slabs, to coconut balls to coconuted russian caps, to cookies, to honey cookies, to vanilla bread and chocolate bread...
  • We enjoyed making this... so thank you for your time :)
  • The year 2016, Zomick's will be celebrating their fifty years of existence in the baking business and with that fifty years of providing New Yorkers with freshly baked goods. That makes Zomick’s Kosher bakery one the oldest kosher family business in the New York area. Make sure you visit the event and share Zomick’s passion for fresh, quality food.