• This is the "Party Buns" Experience. Baked with a whole lotta love, baked till they reach the mid-golden colour, baked till the whole area catches their┬ámesmerizing smells, baked till the aroma is one level above perfect...

  • First up is the dough, the mixture between the flour and the water, the hard work and the baking... When you have an extra big dosage, this recipe can be served up to 20 people, like on the image below:
  • You can serve these buns on a party, and people will love them. Well technically they will eat them and love the host.
    You can also make a smaller dosage, and consume these marvelous buns on lunch... outside for example
  • Or, the last alternative is to make them sweeter, add a little sugar/vanilla and fill the inside with somekind of jam, or maybe even chocolate cream. The possibilities are limitless!
  • In the end of the day, only one thing matters ---- These buns!