Acura Detroit Auto Show 2007

  • Inspired by the sleek black glass interface of modern day smart phones, the Acura 2007 Detroit Autoshow exhibit with its mirrored black granite surfaces and massive led screen has a technology luxury ambience.
  • Several Photographer style fisher light boxes in the ceiling cast an even glow across the display
  • Black granite surfaces with chrome accents.
  • Interactive Super Handling All Wheel Drive display
  • AcuraLink Navigation Interactive
  • A fully functioning handsfree Nav unit is accompanied by an interactive content screen
  • Content examples from AcuraLink Navigation Interactive
  • Acura Twin Turbo Display Interactive.  A gas pedal allows users to dynamically see the twin turbo in action.  Press the pedal to see the two turbos turn on and off based on engine rpm.
  • Early conceptual renderings with an all black glass architectural interface and LED under the glass surfaces and reactive surfaces
  • Acura Supercar concept press event @ Detroit Autoshow 2007
  • A malestrom appears on screen and wind generators on stage billow the silk cover sheet with wind currents.
  • The silk cover sheet is blown off and sucked into the back wall as a beam of light from the heavens illuminates the concept car
  • Exhibit Design: Geoffrey Mye
    Engagement Design: Geoffrey Mye, Nikolai Cornell & Hush
    Press Event Design: Geoffrey Mye & Dave Mackie
    Photography Credits: Nikolai Cornell & Julien Le Bas