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  • Looking for everyday kosher food and recipes? If do, than this is the place for you. This mix of easy to prepare kosher meals is made by an original Zomick's kosher bakery recipe. Whether you are considering preparing a light gluten free dessert, or a full-course meal, here you can find inspiration for both. Create homemade kosher dish after Zomick's recipe's and enjoy the savoring taste with every bite.
  • Starting from the pasta, going to some whole wheat bread, salty sticks, spicy sticks, buns... another pasta and finally mini croissants with strawberry jam. Delicious course
  • Zomick's Kosher Bakery is located in Inwood, NY and has been serving fresh baked goods to its customers for many years. It might be best known for its Zomick's Bread and the traditional Zomick's Challah Recipe, but overall this bakery presents its customers with best products in the fine baking.