Gent's Formal Wear Interactive Design

  • A Redesign Project
    This rebranding project was created to raise brand awareness for Gent’s Formal Wear. The goal was to create an effective and user-friendly interface that will increase the number of customers. I redesigned the Gent's website and also created an app for the company. I decided to use gold and black to symbolize the look of a gentleman: mysterious, fancy, and sharp, which are the colors I used for their stationery and collateral project.
  • Wireframes (Hompage-Shopping Cart)
  • Website Redesign
  • This is the website's home page. With this layout users can easily find exactly what they need.
    This is the login page, in order to search for items users don't need to have an account.
  • This is the "Vest"  page. Since there are 4 types of vests being sold, the categories are displayed beneath the page's title. All of the information for each item is neatly displayed.
  • After selecting the item that they want, a user will receive a pop up before being taken to the shopping cart. Here they will be able to enter their desired sizes and proceed to check out.
  • The shopping cart is very simple to use and organized. Along with confirming their purchase, it also gives users the opportunity to continue shopping and remove items.
  • Website Banner
  • This banner would be used to advertise Gent's Formal Wear on other sites.
  • App Design
  • This is the app icon that will be displayed on a user's app drawer.
  • These two pages are the introduction pages for the interface. After the start up page is finished loading, users will then be able to log into the app or create an account.
  • In the left image, users will be brought to the app's homepage. They are then able to select whatever they are searching for. If they were to select the clothing tab, users will then be taken to that section of the app. There they are able to select the type of clothing they are looking for.
  • When a user selects a category of clothing, they will be taken to another section where they can decide the style that they are looking for. This provides the users with a very neat and organized interface. Once the selection is made they will be taken to a page where they can scroll through the products and see the information available for each product on the left.
    There is a section where they can enter their specific sizes, but if the user has already entered their desired sizes into their account, they can conveniently check the
    "Account Measurements" checkbox.
  • The shopping cart is very clean and simple to use. Along with confirming their purchases, it also gives users the opportunity to continue shopping and or remove items.